Rules and Regulations


Visitors must obey all reasonable instructions given by the Conservator and his staff. Read these rules and regulations carefully in conjunction with the information on the reverse of your entry permit.

Opening - Closing Hours

Gates and barriers will open at 0600 hours and close at 1800 hours, except for the Seneto Descent Gate, which close at 1600 hours.

Crater Access Roads

  • Seneto - descent only
  • Lerai - ascent only (beware of occasional descending vehicles)
  • Lemala (Sopa) - both descent and ascent

Rules for Vehicles

  • Keep to authorized roads and tracks. No off-road driving
  • Speed limits 25km/h in NCA
  • Only vehicles equipped with standard safaris equipment allowed in the Crater (heavy-duty jack; chain/rope; shovel/hoe; axe/panga)
  • No more than 5 vehicles around an animal or kill


All visitors to Ngorongoro Crater and to Oldupai Gorge must be accompanied by a licensed guide.

Preserving the Environment

  • Standing vegetation must not to be damaged or removed, other than removal for firewood
  • Campfires must not damage vegetation, must not be allowed to spread, and must be completely extinguished after use
  • Leave no litter
  • No entry to Lerai or Layanai forests
  • No dogs allowed in the crater
  • Visitors must not disturb or remove geological or archaeological deposits  within the Oldupai Gorge
  • Keep quiet when viewing animals in close proximity

Removal of Items from the Reserve

Please do not collect or remove any animal product, rocks, plants, seeds or nests. Live animal, insects, birds and reptiles should not be touched or removed from the NCA.