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January/February 2007

Ngorongoro, Tanzania
The old year changing into the new, always brings a feeling of a fresh beginning.

This has been keenly felt this New Year in The Ngorongoro Conservation Area as there have been important administrative changes as well as a very unusual wet season, surprising us all with an unexpected landscape for this time of year.

The Conservator of Ngorongoro, Mr Emannuel Chausi, has retired. Mr Chausi held the post of Conservator for the last 14 years and has guided the NCA through a time of immense change. He has been our longest serving Conservator. One of the many impressive things he will be remembered for.

During his stewardship, tourist numbers have dramatically increased, infra structural problems addressed and a new era in relationships with the residing indigenous peoples has been cemented.

We applaud his leadership. He will of course, be missed by one and all.

In due course, The President of Tanzania, will appoint a new Conservator of Ngorongoro. During this time of transition, the 'Acting Conservator' Mr Bernard Murunya, will be striving to uphold the administration's policy.

New Directors have also been appointed:

  • Director of Conservation and Community Development: Mr B. Kawasange.
  • Director of Operations: Mr B. Murunya, at this moment, 'Acting Conservator'.
  • Director of Finance and Administration: Mr S. Kyambile.

Amid these administrative changes, nature has been making changes of her own. The dry season was washed away by longed for rains and as the rains continue early flowers cover the plains making the annual migration of wildebeest and zebra even more spectacular than usual. The wildebeest are beginning calving on the short grass plains, water and grass abound and unusual flowers make photography a joy for Ngorongoro's visitors. A beginning to remember. It will make the rest of the year unusual too, a year to remember.

A good year to travel to Ngorongoro. To Remember.