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March/April 2007

Ngorongoro, Tanzania
In February, The Hon. Prof. Jumanne A. Maghembe. MP, Tanzania's Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, led a high level delegation on his first promotional trip to the US since his appointment as Minister in October 2006.

Tanzania as a tourist destination is showing remarkable growth of 12% since the end of 2005, bringing the expected arrivals to 700,000 in 2006. Tanzania protects an amazing 38% of its land!! Included in this much admired figure are National Parks, Conservation Areas, Reserves and Marine Parks. After UK, the US is the number two source of visitors.

The country has enjoyed peace and stability since independence in 1961, an important factor when inviting potential guests to travel to such exotic and adventurous destinations as the fabulous, unique, Ngorongoro Crater from which one looks down on to "The Cradle of Mankind", Olduvai Gorge.

In Tanzania one can view Africa from its highest point, the snow covered summit of the famed Mount Kilimanjaro or travel to The Serengeti, home to the unforgettable wildebeest migration. Throughout the year, unimaginable numbers of wildebeest, zebra, gazelle and all the attending predators move through the Serengeti eco-system in search of food and water. Eight to nine months of the annual event takes place in the great parks of Tanzania. Ngorongoro hosts the calving of most of the 1.3 million wildebeests, on its famed short grass plains. In the early months of the year, following the birthing, the nurturing of the calves continues on the rich plains of The Conservation Area.

These and other important National Parks were the main theme of The Minister's tour of America where he and other delegates were given prime time on US television bringing Tanzania to millions of viewers. In one such program, USA Today, it was noted, "The Serengeti is not only a natural wonder that takes your breath away but it symbolizes years of human endeavor to conserve the natural world. It transplants you to a time when humans were secondary on earth"

The Serengeti and Ngorongoro are of one eco-system and The Serengeti was voted by a multi-disciplined panel as The Seventh Wonder of the World. Announcements were simultaneously made over "Good Morning America" and in the pages of USA Today reaching over 13,200,000 people daily!

On 21st April, The Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority, had an official farewell party for the outgoing Chief Conservator, Mr Emanuel Chausi. Mr Chausi retired on December 24th 2006. The function was attended by Government Officials from all over the country, The Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, The Permanent Secretary, other distinguished guests, and many other visitors, who gathered on the Crater rim to extend profound appreciation to the Conservator, Mr Emanuel Chausi. Mr Chausi has been our longest serving Conservator (1992 - 2006) and has led the Administration through a time of great change and growth. We are posting a portfolio of pictures of this exciting event.

If you weren't able to be here to join in, then live it through the videos and pictures on this site.

The world heritage site of Ngorongoro!